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Over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space with cutting-edge(see what we did there) equipment.

Capabilities and Services

CNC Profile Cutting
Foam Sheeting
Convoluting(Egg crate foam shaper)
CNC Routing
Die Cutting
Foam Sawing
Heat Bonding
CNC Multi-head Water Jet Cutting
Box and Bar Tacking/Sewing
Vinyl Coating
Adhesive Application
Private Label Packaging
High Volume Manufacturing
CAD/CAM Drawing/Design

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a similar process to cookie-cutting but with much more force. We have several die presses ranging from 75 tons to 300 tons to produce high-volume products in exact shapes to the customer’s specifications. 

The high tonnage of our presses allows for stacking multiple sheets of foam and achieving higher volumes in less time. This is a critical feature of die presses and allows us to reduce cost on high volume jobs. 


Our convoluter is a specialized machine that uses a blade and rollers to create the often-recognized egg crate shape in foam. The rollers have studs on them that compress the foam and the areas of the foam that are not compressed get cut on the blade as the sheet passes through the rollers. 

We have two convoluters in our production facility. Our largest convoluter cuts up to an 84″ width, allowing for larger mattress sizes as well as smaller parts for medical, packaging, acoustical foam, padding, and more uses. We are also able to cut various thicknesses and higher densities of polyurethane foam.


Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure, 60,000 psi stream of water to cut precise profiles and patterns in foam. This CNC machine is one of most commonly used pieces of equipment. While it is more suitable for low volume work, it does not have the additional tooling costs of a die press. It is ideal for specialized packaging foam and prototyping.

CNC Profile/Contour Cutting

CNC and CAD technologies have given us numerous advantages in foam fabrication. Through automation, improved material yield, improved operator safety, consistency, and accuracy, these contour machines allow us to maximize productivity and maintain our high quality standards. 

Sewing/Box and Bartacking

Our sewing department handles a variety of capabilities including sewing, bar tacking, box tacking, and velcro. We offer high quality table pads, straps, medical foam positioners, and many other products. 

Vinyl Coating

We offer vinyl-coated foam wedges and sponges for radiology, exercise/fitness, medical, veterinary, marine, and several other uses. Our spray coating services our equipped to add anti-microbial features to a product and create a product that can be cleaned for multiple uses. 

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